Maternity-Baby Photography- Richmond-Sur

It's a once in a lifetime event. As every pregnancy is unique - you can't get these moments back once they are gone.

What I pride myself on the most is my ability to make my clients feel relaxed during their pregnancy photography session. I have had many a shy woman surprise themselves by finding the confidence to pose naked when shooting with me. The sense of liberation and later seeing your stunning images will make your session a truly  memorable experience.


About Newborn Photography Sessions

Ideal time for a newborn session is within twenty-one days after your baby is born or up to six weeks old if they are premature.

Don't feel you need to rush to the studio to have your session in the first week after giving birth. Give yourself time to recover and you might prefer to wait for the umbilical cord to fall off. You will enjoy the experience so much more and not feel so tired. 

My style of photography is minimalist and modern to ensure your images withstand the test of time.