Location Portraits 

Westend Portraits delivers contemporary professional portrait photography on location through out London.

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Portraits convey so much more about you when taken on location.

These shoots are ideal for creative people or business owners who want to inject more of their business or brand into their portraits. 

We will guide you through the process from concept to completion ensuring that every detail is considered when creating your professional corporate headshots and brand image. Every detail is important to us and we will discuss wardrobe, direction and location for your shoot so together you can create the best corporate image for your brand and needs. We provide professional corporate portrait  photography that makes you  a stand out. Whether you’re looking to improve your media presence, or you need profile photos for the company’s website, getting the right image is essential. 

Gallery: Location Portraits in London

You will receive a private online gallery allowing you to choose your images within 24 hours. All chosen images are sent to you in large files suitable for large prints and small files suitable for social media use and websites.

You also get all selected images in colour and black and white. All chosen images are retouched and enhanced by a professional retoucher. They will still look like you but on a great day. 

Plus you also get full copyright to reuse your images in any way you wish and as many times as you like. 

Business portraits and Profile Portraits need not be done in the studio! We can shoot out on location, and use our environment as context. The backdrop can be the city, your local town, or your offices indoors.


The images shown in the gallery  above gives you an idea of the variety of business portraits photos we can get in a about an hour. session. Different settings and backgrounds can be achieved by just by a moving a short distance – a few steps or around the corner. We can get an urban look, or use a park and trees. In an office we can shoot in a small space or at someone’s work station, desk or open office space. We do bring backdrops if needed..

Portrait Photography, Richmond Surreyportrait-photography-pr-&-event-photogra
Portrait Photography on location, London

Most clients need portraits in situ. Be it at their workstation or in their office. With a few portable lights contemporary professional portraiture is guaranteed. Above are a few examples of our portraits taken in London. The House of Commons, The House of Lords, The Gherkin, The Bar Council, American Express UK HQ, Coca Cola UK HQ & Offices in the City of London.  Westend Portraits guarantees profession high quality portraiture.

30 St Mary Axe


Here are two good reasons to photograph business headshots and corporate portraits on location, whether outdoors or indoors at your offices:


Context: By shooting on location, we can give people a sense of where you are, whether in the city or your work environment. If we shoot outside, we can do this against the backdrop of the city, whether in London or elsewhere.

Variety: What makes these kind of on-location portraits fun to shoot, is that we can use the environment for props – hand-rails, windows, steps, walls and logos. This all adds variety to the final selection of images. Using the environment like this also helps bringing variety to the poses, while still keeping the poses looking natural.

This type of photo session works very well for headshot photography, whether actor headshots, promotional portraits or business portraits.


As you can see with the series of images displayed here, we bring portable lighting with us (which an assistant helps with). This way we can get great quality studio lighting, while shooting on-the-go. We can still move fast, and keep the rhythm of the photo session, and keep it fun and relaxed.

Portrait photography is one of the most popular genres of professional photography. Whether you need portraits of your staff or just yourself Westend Portraits are at your disposal at short notice. Using specialist light weight equipment and at any desired location, we offer affordable prices and guaranteed quality. No matter what the size of the shoot, our portrait photography services will produce great images which you can use on the web, social media and corporate literature with a very fast turnaround speed to suit your demands.